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Consistent attendance is paramount to success and achievement at any school and here at Grow it is no different. However, we acknowledge that we are offering a specialist provision, and we understand that many of our students have experienced trauma relating to mainstream education previously. Therefore, we have a dedicated team to ensure that every student strives for excellent attendance and understands the bearing of it on their studies, whilst maintaining a nurturing and understanding relationship between the school and our families.


We are fortunate to have our sister tuition centre, Grow Tuition, and have staff trained in EBSA (Emotional, based school avoidance), and therefore we pride ourselves in being able to provide individual support plans to support and improve attendance to school. Please speak to our team about this.

For our current students on roll, please ensure you contact the school at your earliest convenience to report an absence. Vikki, our school business manager, will be available every morning to take your call and support you with any attendance related issues. If we have not heard from you 30 minutes into your expected arrival time, then please do expect a call from us to check that everything is OK.


Contact school on 01282 541 949 to report any absences.

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