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Students at Grow are on their unique and individualised pathways, they are aiming for highly personalised outcomes. Achievement looks different for each of them, and we value and celebrate every success, however big or small, every day. We don’t look for failings, we look for potential and opportunities.



Feeling secure, safe and accepted as part of a supportive group is widely recognised as being fundamental to our wellbeing. At Grow, we aim for our students to feel safe, supported, able to take risks and be prepared to be wrong. We believe a strong sense of belonging is the key to cultivating curiosity, innovation and original thinking within our curriculum.



Central to our curriculum is the importance we place on kindness. We aim to prepare students to enter the wider world with open hearts and a strong sense of self-worth, teaching the value of compassion and empathy towards ourselves as well as towards others.


Students who attend Grow Independent School have usually had limited opportunities to consider and explore their core motivations for learning. This is often due to not previously being able to consistently attend or engage with school.

Before we can personalise the curriculum for each student, it is important that we establish these
motivations, talents, skills and interests; we refer to this as their ‘WHY’. Once we have a good

understanding of this, we can then consider which branch they are mostly going to be working on, and which subject areas and topics are going to be most appropriate for them. This leads to us planning the ‘WHAT’ which is the subject content that will be delivered, and the ‘HOW’ which is the most effective way of implementing the teaching of this content to suit the student, taking into account their specific learning needs. This is explained with the visual below:

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